Any Swing, Any Time – Tree Swing hanging Kit

The Ultimate in Safety – No matter who is in the swinger’s seat.

Making your swing safe for everyone to enjoy - is easy and simple with Rhino StrapMate. Choose yours today!

Extra Long Tree swing Hanging Kit ( 10FT )

Two Extra Long Tree Swing Hanging Kit ( 2 x 10 FT )

Tree Swing Hanging Kit – Two 4ft Straps

Tree Swing Hanging Kit – Two 4ft Straps - Black

Tree Swing Hanging Kit – 5ft Strap

Tree Swing Hanging Kit – Two 4ft Straps - Yellow


Few things take you back to the sweet days of childhood summers like a swing! Now you can quickly, easily, and safely bring all of that fun to your backyard with Rhino StrapMate’s.


heavy duty swing hanging kit

This heavy duty swing hanging kit is also durably constructed with high quality and commercial grade materials to ensure safety and security, and prevent any possible injuries.


Hassle-free, effortless installation

Setting up your own hammock or swing set has never been this easy. With the Rhino StrapMate hanging kit straps, turning your backyard to a fun and exciting playground or a sweet resting spot is like child’s play.


Functional and versatile - Hang any swing

The Rhino StrapMate’s straightforward design permits it to latch to any hanging porch seat, old-school tree swing plank, tire swing, or classic hammock.


Perfect for use all-year round

These straps are resilient against sun and water damage and other harsh elements, and can withstand 5 F to 176 F temperature. From day to night, this product will never fail!

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